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CA-1000662-A: Gemini pack patent, CA-1001061-A: System for cutting pieces from a traveling strip of sheet material patent, CA-1001868-A: Apparatus to produce non-woven fabric patent, CA-1003326-A: Technique for insulating a wellbore with silicate foam patent, CA-1004339-A: Control system and process for a space-division switching network patent, CA-1005102-A: Switchgear operating mechanism-overcenter spring toggle with latched restraint patent, CA-1005211-A: Molded article formed of fiber reinforced material and method and apparatus for the fabrication thereof patent, CA-1005270-A: Periscopic viewing system patent, CA-1006127-A: Multiple container package arrangements patent, CA-1008149-A: Circuit for supplying specified one of external electrodes of a gas discharge display panel with unidirectional firing voltage pulses and others with pulses of a reduced voltage patent, CA-100898-A: Boite de fer blanc patent, CA-1009082-A: Method of preventing gelation in canned gravy-based pet foods patent, CA-1009486-A: Converflo secondary headbox patent, CA-1010137-A: Vital more restrictive speed command sensing circuit patent, CA-1010421-A: Tube display carton patent, CA-1010697-A: Method of producing form suitable for airline ticketing patent, CA-1011085-A: Process for preparing basic aluminum salt solution patent, CA-1011158-A: Emulsified oil and sugar cereal coating patent, CA-1012743-A: Method of forming an inner race for a bearing patent, CA-1012888-A: Method of preparation of the dry hydrophilic polymeric carrier of biologically active compounds activated by cyanogen bromide patent, CA-1013395-A: Braking system for a light rail vehicle patent, CA-1013473-A: Visual display of unrecognizable characters in optical character recognition machines patent, CA-1013614-A: Offset rotary press patent, CA-1013778-A: Tunnel boring machine patent, CA-1014279-A: Frame and spring assembly for furniture and the like patent, CA-1014591-A: Ceramic arc tube mounting structure patent, CA-1014746-A: Fixture for a blast cleaning machine patent, CA-1015588-A: Method and apparatus for displaying the amount of exposure in a single lens reflex camera using an electronic shutter patent, CA-101562-A: Water wheel patent, CA-101594-A: Tube cleaner patent, CA-1016610-A: Voltage waveform generator patent, CA-101776-A: Dust removing device patent, CA-1018183-A: Sulfonation of crude oils to produce petroleum sulfonates patent, CA-101866-A: Chevre de wagon patent, CA-1018739-A: Chain adjustment link patent, CA-1018805-A: Torque-transmitting arrangement for fasteners and the like patent, CA-1019916-A: Apparatus for making high speed corrugated plastic tubing patent, CA-1020193-A: Raccord demontable patent, CA-1021390-A: Analog and digital recording apparatus patent, CA-1021790-A: 3-substituted-iodo-alkenyl compound patent, CA-1022099-A: Technique de preparation des huiles blanches et des huiles medicinales patent, CA-1022104-A: Process for separating a high purity vinyl aromatic hydrocarbon patent, CA-1022530-A: Catalyst for purifying exhaust gases patent, CA-1022993-A: Electrically addressed apertured modulator for electrostatic printing patent, CA-1023491-A: Substances photosensibles patent, CA-1023509-A: Rotary finishing wheel patent, CA-1023628-A: Revetement protecteur pour regenerateurs au spodumene-beta patent, CA-1023953-A: Hay conditioner roll patent, CA-1024091-A: Deparaffinage catalytique du gas-oil patent, CA-1024392-A: Cultivateurs patent, CA-1024402-A: Manual dial assembly patent, CA-1024576-A: Rotor de machines dynamoelectriques, muni de rainures longitudinales decroissantes reliees aux conduits de ventilation radiaux patent, CA-102496-A: Soupape patent, CA-10250-A: Machine a couper le bout cone des joints des tuyaux de puits patent, CA-1025137-A: Appareillage de commande d'ascenseurs patent, CA-1025723-A: Methode de preparation de produits de viande et de charcuterie patent, CA-1025767-A: Subsea control valve apparatus patent, CA-1025797-A: Method for continuous coating of polyimide by electrodeposition patent, CA-1026980-A: Courroies pour machines a papier patent, CA-102702-A: Trolle patent, CA-1027177-A: Mesurage en continu des parametres de l'electrolyte dans une cellule servant a l'electrolyse d'une charge en fusion patent, CA-1028131-A: Making a duo density article of silicon nitride patent, CA-1028419-A: Regulateur d'alimentation d'une presse patent, CA-102881-A: Packing compound patent, CA-1029634-A: Boite de vitesses hydrostatique patent, CA-103009-A: Rail fastener patent, CA-1030102-A: Generateur a effet corona immerge dans un dielectrique liquide patent, CA-1030147-A: Composes de nitro-3 naphtalimide patent, CA-1030164-A: Method and apparatus for transferring mined material patent, CA-1030183-A: Raccord de tuyauterie patent, CA-10303-A: Perfectionnements aux constructions vitrees patent, CA-1031144-A: Method for producing a thin-walled sleeve for a one-way roller over-run clutch patent, CA-1031226-A: Bruleur modulaire a combustion directe patent, CA-1032278-A: Appareil pour l'epurateur chimique et biologique de l'eau par agglomeration patent, CA-103337-A: Moulin a battre patent, CA-1033470-A: Methode de suppression d'elements parasites patent, CA-103391-A: Etagere a enrouler les cordes patent, CA-10340-A: Perfectionnements aux calecons pour les hommes patent, CA-1034157-A: Agencement de support de differentiel et de commande aux roues patent, CA-1034544-A: Contenant pour aliments patent, CA-1034559-A: Valve with electrically operated actuator patent, CA-103473-A: Chauffeur mecanique patent, CA-1035677-A: Methode rincage d'une surface metallique enduite par conversion patent, CA-1035807-A: Splash guard arrangement patent, CA-1035817-A: Contact arrangement for an electric compressed-gas circuit breaker patent, CA-1035819-A: Commutateur a bouton-poussoir lumineux a deux positions patent, CA-1035847-A: Zero insertion force connector assembly patent, CA-103599-A: Supporting structure for trolley conductors patent, CA-1036546-A: Appareil de levage et de manutention patent, CA-1037904-A: Cryostat patent, CA-103809-A: Broche d'attache pour clotures en fils de fer patent, CA-1038422-A: Apparatus for varying the time between initiation and subsequent release of an emergency brake application patent, CA-1038635-A: Portable docks and bridges patent, CA-1038747-A: Apparatus for producing the so-called inner elements or collars in cigarette packaging machines for forming stiff packets patent, CA-1039286-A: Composes de pyrazoloxanthene patent, CA-1039695-A: Emballage, particulierement a cigarettes patent, CA-1039978-A: Dual tooth contact type w-n gear patent, CA-1040053-A: Fluid-assisted electromagnetic control device patent, CA-1041203-A: Detecteur d'etat occupe/libre pour reseau de commutation telephonique patent, CA-1042280-A: Percarbonate stable de sodium patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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